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Recruit Training Outline Empty Recruit Training Outline

Post by Baker on Sun Apr 20, 2014 6:51 pm

This outline is simply used to refer to training, specific terms, and procedures. It is not to specifically tell the teacher directions on how to teach. With the outline, you can safely assume every UNION-04 is trained to a full extent in the future. The teaching unit should use this outline for reference and reminder of what should be gone over before promoted the recruit.

1. Area's

- Nomad (Hardpoint outside the Nexus)
- Shadow (Hardpoint before the slums)
- Plaza
- D2 (Is not the same as Shadow. Refers to slums. Shadow refers to the checkpoint itself.)
- Vice (Bridge Hardpoint)

2. Authorization Needed Areas.

- D2

3. Radio Codes. (Refers to minimum amount of commonly used radio codes a unit should know.)

- 10-4 Affirmative
- 10-7 Off Duty
- 10-8 On Duty
- 10-20 Location
- 10-99 Officer Down

4. Branches.

-Universal Union

5. Ranks.

- RcT, 04, 03, 02, 01, OfC, EpU, DvL, CmD, SeC
- Saluting Officers.
- Address anyone two ranks above you as "sir" or "ma'am" depending on gender.

6. Equipment.

- Zip ties, proper use, and proper situation to use.
- 9mm Pistol, proper use, and proper situation to use.
- Data Pad, proper use, and proper situation to use.
- Stunstick, proper use, and proper situation to use.
- Bio Lock.
- Restricted weapons to specific ranks.

7. Procedures and tactics.

- Detaining format.

Detaining format. Delete from data after release of citizen.
Suspect's Name: (The name of the detained.)
Suspect's CID: (The CID of the detained.)
Detaining Unit: (The unit that has detained.)
Verdict: (The reason why the suspect is being detained.)
Cycles: (How many cycles the citizen must stay detained for. OOCly 1 cycle = 5 minutes.)

Suspect's Name: Bob Forest
Suspect's CID: 10301
Detaining Unit: C18.MPF-UNION.03.32134
Verdict: Mobility Violation.
Cycles: 1

- Levels of contraband.
- Levels of rule breaking.
- Editing data or editing data for arrest.

Data Edit or Arrest Format:

<:: (Unit) Verdict or information (Detainment Points if any and Loyalist Points given if any.) ::>

Example: <:: (51245) Mobility Violation (1) ::>

- Searching.
- Applying.
- Detainment Points and distribution.

Search citizens with detainment points if they attempt to access through hardpoints.

14 detainment points = amputation. Reset points after amputation.

- Amputation. (02 and up only.)
- Interrogation.
- Loyalty points and distribution.

Loyalist Point Ranking
4 Loyalist Points = Trusted. Place status of trusted.
8 Loyalist Points = Loyalist. Distribute Loyalist Badge and edit status to Loyalist.

- Breaching.
- Ration distribution.

- Clamping.

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