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Jack Rupe MPF application. Empty Jack Rupe MPF application.

Post by Wigstone on Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:31 pm


Steam name: FallenArchangel

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:19573749

How long have you been playing on our server? I have played for a few days.

How long have you been serious RPing? About two years.

Have you ever been banned from our server? No, I have never been banned from your server.

Why should we accept you into the MPF? (1 paragraph minimum, a paragraph is 5 sentences, Answer OOCly)

You should accept me into MPF because I will stay in character. I will not stray from how my character acts. I am helpful and friendly when needed.If a player is having a hard time figuring something out I will gladly provide a helping hand. I'm a quick learner, I can easy take changes to server rules or MPF rules/orders.


Character Name and Physical Description: Jack Rupe :German Accent: :good Posture: :6' 9" tall": :Slightly Toned:

Character Age: 41

Have you ever been detained by the MPF or been given any negative reputation by an MPF officer? No, I have never been detained by the MPF or given a negative reputation by a MPF officer.

Tell me about yourself Citizen, where are you from? What did you do before the war?. (1-2 paragraphs minimum, The longer the better, This is basically a backstory. Answer ICly):

born into a strong law abiding family, Jake rarely did anything wrong. he dreamed of being a cop sense he was little, he wouldn't even be the robber in cops and robbers. as he got older, into high school, he became frustrated with all the law braking in just his school alone. as soon as he graduated he joined the police force witch he stayed in for only a year. One day he was tolled he was fired, his record showed that the had beaten most of the people he arrested and marked them up to resisting arrest. On his way out with his stuff he looked up with a sigh and doped his stuff, the sight to ships, scared him but he knew a change was coming, he was just hoping for the better. He was put in city 18, he was not part of the MPF, bet he stopped a lot of crimes, he enjoyed how the police acted, it was effective.

Give a brief 15 line example RP of any of the MPF RP. (I.e. Patrolling, Detaining, Gunfight)

MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Walks out of the nexus and tword the square.
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Looks around slowly and makes one lap around the square.
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Stops where he began and holds there for 10 min.
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Sees a small grouping a citizens and walks up to them.
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: <:: Isolate
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: the citizens don't move "<:: Isolate!"
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: The citizens brake up and one quickly pockets something
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: <:: Citizen, Face the wall.
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Ties the citizens hands together and searches him.
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Searches the citizen and pulls out two ID cards, one blank.
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Calls for backup (witch arrives soon after)
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Informs them of his find.
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Hands the citizen to one of the other MPF officers.
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Updates his logs and duble checks them.
MPF.C18-UNION.01.153: Looks around slowlt than continues his patroll.

Why should we accept you into the MPF? What makes you stand out from the rest of the loyal citizens in City Eighteen?

You should accept me into the MPF because I will do my job with pride, I will protect the civil citizens away form the others, and I will work hard and efficiently at all times. I am different from the rest of the loyal citizen because I am strong, I am not afraid of backlash from non-loyal citizens, and I always keep an eye on suspicious individuals.

If you were to be accepted into the MPF, what division would you be interested in? (UNION: Standard Patrolling unit | HELIX: Medical | GRID: Mechanical/Technical)

UNION: Standard Patrolling unit

What are your desired digits in the MPF? (IE: 532)


Are you a loyal citizen of the Union? Explain how you are.

I am a loyal citizen. I never cause trouble, I always comply, I always show up when here is a mandatory work force.

I Jack Rupe Hereby devote myself to the Universal Union and it's Benefactors. I will uphold the highest standards required from me by the MPF and the Union. If I am found guilty of a crime, I accept it and will allow myself to be given whatever punishment that may be. (Beating, Detaining, De-Servicement, Amputation.)


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Jack Rupe MPF application. Empty Re: Jack Rupe MPF application.

Post by Baker on Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:12 pm

The backstory is incredibly short and the rest of this application is very bland. You have my +-Support but I will gladly change it to a +Support if you listen to all feedback.

Jack Rupe MPF application. Funny-GIF-Evil-Scientists

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Jack Rupe MPF application. Empty Re: Jack Rupe MPF application.

Post by Wigstone on Tue Apr 22, 2014 6:28 pm

I have sadly never been good with applications, but I can try to add more if needed.


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Jack Rupe MPF application. Empty Re: Jack Rupe MPF application.

Post by Leonde Travis on Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:34 pm

I say the story needs a little more work, other than that is seems good.

+Support though it may not mean anything.

Leonde Travis

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Jack Rupe MPF application. Empty Re: Jack Rupe MPF application.

Post by American Patriot on Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:18 am

Story needs immense work to satisfy my tastes (That is simply because I have an eye for MPF units).
Simply a story on how you conveniently used to preform what the CP's do now won't cut it. There should be more detail,
more thought and a hell of a lot more care put into it. Pour your heart and creative soul into your work, show the community
what an artist you can be with the written word. (Or at least give us some more on how you grew up, became an LEO, how you became so violent with the prisoners, etc.) Also note, that RANDOMLY beating citizens is discouraged on the server both ICly and OOCly, so that part of your application you may wish to omit for those reasons. Until changes are made, -Support from me.

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Jack Rupe MPF application. Empty Re: Jack Rupe MPF application.

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