The journal of them.

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The journal of them. Empty The journal of them.

Post by MrKVGames on Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:30 am

Date: Unknown
Location: City 18
Journal Editor: John Bookfield
Current Status: Deceased

              So, I've been in this city for around two months and I got to say that it is a piece of crap. The CP are assholes, like always, everyone in this city is stupid and get beat often. In the past two months, almost my friends have died and I think I may have killed a CP.

I got something to say before I go..

(Over three paragraphs are scribbled out.)

(The page ends here, it is covered in dried blood.)

Date: Unknown
Location: City 18
Journal Editor: Unknown
Current Status: Deceased

              If you read the page above I must say thank you, the person who wrote the entry above is now dead. John Bookfield commited suicide awhile back due to all of his loses, he got a loyalist arrested and executed. John Bookfield was a great man, no matter what you heard, John Bookfield saved my life and many others, I wish you knew him.

(The page ends here, there is a drawing of a man at the bottom)

(There is a letter attached to the next page.)

Date: Unknown
Location: City 17
Journal Editor: Jason Bookfield
Current Status: Deceased
              Hey John, by the time you are reading this I should be dead. As you know I was shot in the chest, I know you thought I was gonna be okay but the Ty, or Doc as you call him, told me I wasn't going to make it out of the city in time. It's fine, you shouldn't worry about me John I did what I always wanted to, I died with honor. Tell Koby and Jake that I made it out of the city and I'm fighting the CP, it will make Jake and Koby happy. Anyways if you see Scott tell him I said Hello, he just got transferred to City18 I think. So, this is goodbye John, I really had fun today, I hope you die with honor.

(The word goodbye is written all over the letter.)

Date: Unknown
Location: City 18
Journal Editor: Clark Regnar
Current Status: Deceased

              The OTA are coming, I haven't seen Scott in two days. I know he must be alive, he left a note under the fridge yesterday it only said "I'm still alive." I hope he gets back soon. The last time I heard of him was when I was being held hostage by the strange rebel and he got shot in the leg. The man that is called Paul Revere took him.

(There is a gap in the paper.)

              The OTA are here..they are coming in, I'm gonna be fine, I got my gun.

[center](There is dried blood all over this page.)

(More of this will be added as my RP Characters that I develop either die or move on to better things. Sorry if this wasn't the best but it's just here for me tie my characters stories together.)

The journal of them. Tumblr_mkhjneOR4T1ri08goo1_500

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