The server's population..

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The server's population.. Empty The server's population..

Post by Shreddednation on Sun May 18, 2014 3:49 pm

I know I'm not in a spot of power, but since this is the general discussion.. I'm worried about the server's populace as it has been shrinking and I guess I've been going on the server very rarely. I have an idea that may bring more people in, it might work, it might not. I suggest we all get together on this forum and suggest a date and a time so that all of the members that pay attention to the forums hop on. Populated servers become more populated due to the flock mentality and wanting to play with other people... So any suggestions of time? I'm thinking a saturday would bring in the most people since that is when there is an influx of people. What do you guys think?  Question 


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