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Post by Vlashen on Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:33 pm

Before you begin reading, it is important you become aware with the history of the Vortigaunts, culture, and physiology. Click here to view the wiki, it will be extremely helpful.

Now let's get started

Being Enslaved

Your time as an enslaved Vortigaunt may vary. Some people will be freed within a matter of a few minutes, while others, it may take a few weeks. It all depends on how active you and other players are, and what exactly is going on in terms of RP. Now, enslaved Vortigaunts act differently than freed ones. They sulk around, almost like a lifeless husk. They have no hope of escape, and the desire to live hangs from a thread. Their will is completely broken, and they will obey ANY command given to them by a superior. Enslaved Vorts don't even try to rebel, as they know any attempt is futile, as well as fatal. It is also important to note that while in the restraints of their shackles, enslaved Vortigaunts are not able to use any Vortessence.

The Vortigaunt dialect

We have all heard Vortigaunts speak (I hope) and it is obvious their grammar differs from the average human's. They prefer to use more complicated words as the believe it is a more accurate representation of what they wish to say. For example, if one wanted to say "I want something to drink," they would instead say "This one wishes to consume the beverage." Now, why do Vortigaunts say "this one" instead of "I?" It is part of their belief that all beings are connected to one another via the Vortessence. Saying "this one" can be interpreted as "this body." On occasion, Vortigaunts do say "I" but only rarely, and mostly to their human friends. It is considered rude to say "I" from Vortigaunt to Vortigaunt as it gives off the impression of being selfish.

The Vortessence

The most important aspect in understanding a Vortigaunt is to understand the Vortessence. In a way, it is very similar to the Force from Star Wars. It binds everything together, surrounds them, it is their living essence. It is the belief of their culture that Vortigaunts are the pure physical manifestation of the Vortessence, and are merely its tools. Vortigaunts do not control the Vortessence, they call upon it for aid in times of need. A Vortigaunts source of Vortessence is limited, however. If one is to use too much, they will experience adverse effects such as feeling exhausted, fainting, and in extreme cases, death. With the Vortessence, Vorts can use such powers such as the Vortibeam, teleportation, telepathy, activation/de-activating electrical devices, shielding, and many more.

Vortigaunt Respect

Vorts are naturally respectful creatures. They are very polite to their human and other Vortigaunt friends, and are sure to not offend those they like. Although the majority of Vortigaunts view each other as all socially equal, it is still expected to respect the superiors, especially the Elders. Upon greeting another Vortigaunt for the first time, it is customary that both go in to deep bows. Once they are accustomed to one another, they usually perform a half bow, unless it is towards an Elder, or the Grand Elder. Then the Vortigaunt that is lower on the chain is expected to go in to a deep bow upon every greetings.

Vortigaunt RP becomes extremely rewarding as the time you put in to it increases. The more time you spend flagged up, the stronger your Vortigaunt becomes. You increase in rank, gain new powers, and can become a vital force to the resistance. Yet at the same time, it is very dangerous. The Combine will more than likely shoot any freed Vortigaunt on sight, shoot to kill. As you explore the world, it is important you try to stay under the radar, yet aiding all those who need you.


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The Vortigaunt Guide Empty Re: The Vortigaunt Guide

Post by Baker on Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:13 pm

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